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Parent’s Reviews


The staff here are absolutely wonderful! They take excellent care of our little one, and have for the past two years. Not only is the facility clean and tidy, but the second you walk in, you can feel the emotional warmth that flows through the building. If you are looking for quality childcare, with good ethics and values, that will work to not only care for your child, but teach them as well, than the Garden of Learning is just the place! The owners have years of experience, and those years have not dulled their love of caring for children!


We absolutely love the ladies here and are so grateful that our little man is loved so much while he's not with us. I wouldn't leave my son with anyone else and he loves to go "to school" which makes it easier on me. The best part is that this is truly a Christian daycare and not by name only. My son learns bible verses and stories along with preschool curriculum and these ladies have huge hearts.

Jennifer D.

Wonderful place! The staff is great and my kids love it! I've had my kids there for over a year and am happy knowing I'm dropping them off somewhere safe and they are being taken care of!


Exceptional people and daycare. I know my child is safe and well cared for. I trust the people here like family.

Tyson M.

Our grandson's academic development is ahead of schedule due to The Garden of Learning's wonderful teaching and careful emotional care. He is reading beginning sight words and sounding out short vowel words at the age of four!

Wes & Bonnie

The safety and love that the staff of The Garden of Learning provides is a valuable service to the members of this community who entrust the center with the care of their most valued possession, their children. Our two children have attended The Garden of Learning from the first day the center opened. The staff has invested as much love and time raising our children as we have. The kindergarten program is also very important to the little children who attend the school. Our son has learning struggles and a small, private class where he receives individualized attention is the best thing for him.

Nicole & David

This is a premier daycare that offers preschool and kindergarten and hires excellent teachers. The Garden of Learning has given us the security of knowing that our boys are well taken care of and are getting a great start to their education. There just are no other daycares that provide the quality of care that The Garden of Learning does in our area!

Chad & Bridget

When I walked in to The Garden of Learning I was welcomed with genuine smiles and caring people. I knew right away that this center would be the right one for my son.

K Wells

The Garden of Learning is easily the best daycare center in Nampa. We began our search for a daycare after moving here from Seattle, where our toddler was in an elite center with the highest quality of care. The Garden of Learning was recommended by a friend. From the moment we walked in the door two years ago, we continue to be impressed with the center: the directors and teachers who clearly love the kids and are excited to invest in their lives, and the facilities: secure, always very clean, and with age appropriate toys and learning material. The overall level of care and education that our daughter receives is of highest quality. If you are looking for a place where your child is safe, loved on daily, AND learns, this is the place for you.

Ken & Angela

The Garden of Learning has been instrumental in both the cognitive and emotional development of our son. Miss Holly, Miss Lyndsay, and all the other staff LOVE and CARE for each and every child in their care. After the first week at The Garden of Learning, my son, who was 1 ½ at the time, was waving at me to leave in the mornings. His face lights up when he gets to school as we call it, and is SUPER bummed if I pick him up too early.

Lance & Christy

My son has been at Garden of Learning for over 9 months now and he loves it and so do I! At his last daycare we had nothing but problems. Since switching to Garden of Learning, my son is a much happier baby and has been on the same schedule since his first day. The owners and women that work there are all so amazing. They work so well with the kids and are all so polite. It was very important to me to make all of my sons baby food. I sent it to the daycare in reusable containers. I know this wasn't convenient for them, but they accommodated this and even washed the containers every day before sending them back. They interact with the kids and have their best interest in mind. They have great learning toys for babies and young toddlers. To enter the daycare you must have the code for the door, which helps keep the daycare secure. I have no doubt my son is in good hands when he is there. I am so glad we have chosen Garden of Learning. My husband and I have actually put off moving so we can stay near Garden of Learning as long as possible! I absolutely love having my son there.


The Garden of Learning is the best daycare and preschool facility in the area. I have yet to hear of a center that is as clean, organized, positive, healthy, etc. for the children as this one. I have been completely satisfied with the care my daughter has received at The Garden of Learning. My child is currently in the two year old class. She is excited to go to school each day. She continuously talks about her buddies and teachers with enthusiasm and is learning amazing things from them. When I take her and pick her up, it is a very peaceful and supervised environment. Children are playing happily with one another and their behaviors are managed in a positive and effective way. My daughter is cared for and treated as though she is special as the staff recognizes and takes time to care for every unique child. I am a very protective parent and have always felt completely safe and at ease with my child in this facility. All staff members have been extremely professional and kind at all times. Facilities that run as well as this one are rare.


The Garden of Learning is amazing! I have a infant and 3 year old that has been here since she was 6 weeks. I was not interested in putting my child in a center until we walked through here and saw such an awesome environment. I truly feel that my children are loved. The staff is always happy and upbeat. They put a lot of energy into my childrens development and education. My kids are happy when we come to pick them up and my daughter loves showing off her projects. The classrooms are filled with artwork, educational materials, toys and even forts! The owners and staff have great communication and keep us informed of milestones, behavior and eating habits when we are away. There seems to always be someone cleaning tables, counters, handles, toys....My daughter even has dance class every week at the center. We are so grateful to have such a great place to take our children where they are so cared about.

Happy Mommy

I love this daycare center and so do my children. When I drop my babies off here they don't look back because they are too busy enjoying their friends and the wonderful teachers that are at this center. I feel confident when I get ready to leave that my children are in a safe and loving environment.


When The Garden of Learning opened it was like we had found our home. The facility is not only clean and bright, well maintained, but has professional people who are TRAINED and educated to care for our most treasured gifts in the world. The staff is always clean, courteous and ready to work. They have become like family over the years; our children adore and trust these ladies as do we!


I absolutely love The Garden of Learning! My baby has been going to this place since she was 6 mo. The staff is great and you can tell they love what they do. This is not just a business; they really care for the kids. Every day I drop my baby off, she is happy to be there and says bye to me with a smile on her face. What else can a mommy asked for? At the end of the day, they let me know what she ate, how many times her diaper was changed, how long she napped for, and they keep me informed of milestones my baby reached. I love the fact the door is code locked and only parents who have the code are allowed to enter the center. If you are looking for a clean, loving, place - this is it!